Light and Power: Excerpts

by Isaac Schankler

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Light and Power is a two-act chamber opera about the historic rivalry between American inventors Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison.

Nikola Tesla - Chelsea Beatty, soprano
Thomas Edison - Davron Monroe, tenor
Henry Ford - Rachel Selan, mezzo
Nova - Christine Teeters, soprano

Music by Isaac Schankler
Libretto by Jillian Burcar
Performed by Juventas New Music Ensemble
Lidiya Yankovskaya, music director
May 19-22, 2011
Cambridge YMCA Theater, Cambridge, MA

Winner, The American Prize in Opera Performance, 2012 (Professional Division)
2nd Place, National Opera Association 2010‐2011 Opera Production Competition (Professional Division)


released June 1, 2011


all rights reserved



Isaac Schankler Los Angeles, California

Isaac (they/them) makes various kinds of music for concerts and interactive media.

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Track Name: "Nova, I have been your haunted house" (Act II, Scene 4)
Act II, Scene 4: Tesla (Chelsea Beatty) and Nova (Christine Teeters) sing a final duet ("Nova, I have been your haunted house").
Track Name: "I come from the East" (Act I, Scene 3)
Act I, Scene 3: Edison (Davron Monroe) and Henry Ford (Rachel Selan) mock Tesla (Chelsea Beatty) for his un-American upbringing ("I come from the East"). Tesla responds that he is a self-made mechanism; he has no country of origin ("You may have cause for maps").
Track Name: "I've started a gold rush" (Act I, Scene 5)
Act I, Scene 5: Concerned about competition from Tesla and George Westinghouse, Edison (Davron Monroe) puts on a touring stage show to demonstrate the safety hazards of Tesla's alternating current, culminating in a live electrocution of Topsy the circus elephant ("I've started a gold rush").
Track Name: "I've inherited your storyline" (Act II, Scene 2)
Act II, Scene 2: In Tesla's visions of the future, Nova (Christine Teeters) is the queen of a matriarchal, utopian society (Chorus of Bees). Here, Nova's power to manifest is fading, and she says a final goodbye to Tesla ("I've inherited your storyline").

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